What is Jicli?

ttjicli-logoWhat is Jicli?  At Tourist Ticket, we pride ourselves, on choosing the best experiences available, for our customers.

Whilst all our excursions, tours and events are quality products, we have selected a range of products, which we believe, are EXTRA special. These products are known as ‘Jicli’. Any products which have the ‘Jicli’ label provide you with assurance that this is a really exceptional excursion and comes highly recommended.

Jicli are special experiences that we have selected with care and love for you. Our charming places in which to enjoy the eternal summer, the whisper of the waves, the energy of the earth, the night sky, the smell and taste of the islands. Experiences that create lifetime memories.


So why Jicli?

This is our invention and derives from the Danish word ‘hyggelig‘, simply, meaning, comfortable, awesome, friendly. It is a word which doesn’t exist in the English language, and is a word which goes far deeper in Danish culture. It is associated with ‘intimacy, security, giving solace’. It is more about a feeling or condition.

When taken as a whole, the concept of Jicli for Touristticket is to provide a range of tours, excursions and events, which will bring these feelings to the user, and culminate in a sense of complete satisfaction.

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