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Brilliant!, brilliant! It is a great alternative to surf – I never had great balance – it’s easy, anyone can do it. Even my son could ride on the board. It’s just great

John & Jamie Parkinson, Hove

Stand Up Paddle Lanzarote

If your are one of those people who enjoy the sea and water activities but are looking for less radical alternatives to surfing, Si eres de los que disfrutan con el mar y las actividades acuáticas pero buscas alternativas menos radicales que el surf, you will certainly enjoy experiencing the sensation of “walking on water” that paddle surf gives you.  

Whether it’s your first time or you have tried it before, our proposals for introductory courses and guided routes are without a doubt a fun, original and healthy way of enjoying Lanzarote’s coastal views and seabed, while you get into shape.

A very gratifying experience that you can enjoy as a family, as it adapts to all ages and different levels of physical training!



  • Sports instructor
  • Necessary equipment for the activity: board, leash, neoprene/lycra (if required)
  • Mandatory liability and accident insurance

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Amazing photo of the neightbour island! Don't you feel like summer?
¡Espectacular foto de la isla vecina! ¿A que apetece que llegue el verano?

Imagen de Kate Banks en Cofete, Pájara, Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias.

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