Museum house of José Saramago

jose saramago house

An inspirational tour through this Nobel Prize winning writer’s house. To think he was living in exile here in Lanzarote is amazing. For anyone interested in literature, this prominent figure is well worth investigating. Visiting his house is an interesting journey in any case.

Isobel Darbyshire, Donegal

Museum house of José Saramago

José de Sousa Saramago, was a Portuguese writer and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature. He spent his last years prior to his death in 2010 in Lanzarote. His home is now a museum to this great man and his works.


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Saramago’s novels often deal with fantastic scenarios. In his 1986 novel The Stone Raft, the Iberian Peninsula breaks off from the rest of Europe and sails around the Atlantic Ocean. In his 1995 novel Blindness, an entire unnamed country is stricken with a mysterious plague of “white blindness”. In his 1984 novel The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis Fernando Pessoa’s heteronym survives for a year after the poet himself dies. Additionally, his novel Death with Interruptions takes place in a country in which, suddenly, nobody dies, and concerns, in part, the spiritual and political implications of the event, although the book ultimately moves from a synoptic to a more personal perspective. Saramago addresses serious matters with empathy for the human condition and for the isolation of contemporary urban life. His characters struggle with their need to connect with one another, form relations and bond as a community, and also with their need for individuality, and to find meaning and dignity outside of political and economic structures. The Swedish Academy selected Saramago as 1998 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The Nobel committee praised his “parables sustained by imagination, compassion and irony”, and his “modern skepticism” about official truths.


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