Hand picked with love, for you!

Jicli! love it.

Hand picked with love, for you!

Jicli are those special experiencies that we have selected with care and love for you. Our favorite places where to enjoy the eternal summer of the Canaries, the gentle whisper of the waves, the energy of the earth, the light of the stars, unforgetable scents and flavours. Those experiences that you’d write on your “things to do before dying” list. A memory that will stay forever in your mind and will become the best moment of your holidays.


Jicli cannot be defined with one word, it is a word which signifies well being, a state of contentment and complete enjoyment. Our Jicli range of tours and activities will give you this feeling. Specially chosen for that extra special experience.

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tourist ticket lanzarote specially handpicked tours that you will love – we call it jicli.

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