Concerts in the volcanic Caves

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Concerts in the Caves

The musical season of Cueva de los Verdes ( the Green Caves) Lanzarote begins on October 8th. The saxophonist Kike Perdomo, the Lanzarote Classical Orchestra, Ensemble Arione and project Mediterraneum shape and complete the program of the Concerts of the Cave for 2016.

The Cave concerts are an initiative of the cultural program of the Centres of Art, Culture and Tourism of the Cabildo de Lanzarote. We highly recommend you to take advantage and to enjoy the magic and charm of one of the most emblematic places of Lanzarote with this gorgeous musical selection.

All of the concerts will start at 20.00.



Cueva de los Verdes Concerts

Musical season of the Cueva de los Verdes (Green Caves)

Duration: 2h


Saturday 5th November – 20:00.

Violin sextet, cello, double bass, electric guitar, and singer Esther Alonso, performing classical and jazz music.

This chamber music band was set up following an idea: vocal jazz. Esther Alfonso’s outstanding voice brings the lyrics and melodies of jazz standards from all times to life, majestically. A journey down improvisation and good taste of the purest of Jazz masters.

The band consists of four plucked string instruments and a peculiar guitar, creating a perfect symbiosis of musical harmony, providing  musical homogeneity favouring a precise atmosphere, and becoming a solid base in which the voice of the lead singer flows lyrically and brilliantly.

A musical and visual show where improvisation turns into a game of colourful shades.


Saturday 3rd December – 20:00.

An appealing programme performed by a classic trio: piano, cello and clarinet.

The combination of wooden wind instruments, plucked string instruments, and piano, is and has always been, one of the most common ones used by composers due to the pitch, melody and types of expression they offer. Hence several of the most popular chamber music pieces have been originally written for this type of band.

This time, the trio brings us a broad repertoire with pieces by composers that are not that well known but that are great examples of this genre, as well as renowned pieces such as Piazzolla’s “The Death of an Angel” or “Tchaikovsky’s “Seasons”, which as opposed to Vivaldi’s or Piazzola’s “Seasons”, describe music the twelve months of the year, using twelve separate movements.  The trio adaptation is new within the repertoire, as it is their own adaptation that will surely impress everyone.

A concert where the three timbres of the trio will lead to all sorts of situations and feelings during a unique concert.



  • We recommend arriving to the concert at 19.30 because it takes time to make your way to the auditorium (around 10/15 minutes)
  • In winter it is recommended that you bring a jacket because the humidity inside the cave can make it feel cold.
  • We recommend that the ladies wear comfortable shoes considering the uneven surface.


Choose an available date from the calendar below and then select the number of people and press the next button. This will take you to the payment options. You can book and pay online today to secure your dates.


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